Second charge mortgages

Why Should You Consider Second Charge Mortgages?

Why Should You Consider Second Charge mortgages?

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Second Charge Mortgages can be considered as a viable solution for debt consolidation, and they provide products that are affordable and sustainable.
There are few restrictions on meeting criteria and they can offer full consolidation almost no matter what the level of unsecured debt. This reduces your monthly commitments and outgoings, as many of these debts are a percentage of loan outstanding each month, and often place a financial strain on you.

  • We can help you on the journey back to high-street lending.
  • No limit consolidation
  • Loans up to £1,000,000
  • Loans of up to 95% of your property value
  • All credit profiles considered

Better Rates
Here, we don’t rely solely upon generic or data-driven, tick-a-box sourcing systems. Around half of our cases have found a better solution and interest rate by being underwritten manually, compared to those presented electronically, as we have a deeper understanding on the human side of underwriting and lending. Your personal circumstances are always taken into account.

Experienced Advisors
We rely on a team of personnel that are minimum CeMAP qualified (the industry standard) and with a minimum of 5-years experience in second charge mortgages and loans, therefore you can be assured of a responsible outcome.

Let us say “Yes, we can help” – Second charge mortgages

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