Recent Bad Credit

Recent Bad Credit

Recent bad credit:

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We have been working with a specialist provider of residential second charge mortgages lending to customers with recent bad credit, who are unable to obtain finance from traditional high street lenders. This can be for a variety of reasons, including such issues as mortgage arrears, Court Judgements, pending bankruptcy, Etc.

  • Up to six months current mortgage arrears accepted
  • Arrears on subsequent charges ignored
  • Up to £100,000 (more on referral)
  • Any amount of CCJs and defaults (past and present)
  • Pending bankruptcy action
  • Income tax issues and/or payment problems
  • Also available on BTL properties
  • Variable interest rates, or 3 and 5 year fixed plans available

This plan allows you to “buy” some breathing space if you have financial issues or problems.

Let us say “Yes, we can help” – Recent bad credit

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