Even more reasons for a secured loan

Even More Reasons For A Secured Loan

Even more reasons for a secured loan.

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I would recommend that you take a quick look at some of the key elements below. Perhaps you, your family or friends fall into one or more of these areas?
Here at SUL, I still have access to the largest second charge panels in the marketplace so if I can’t place a case, I doubt anyone can. I remain fully Independent. Feel free to contact me using the details below this article.

For Residential Owner-Occupied Homes

Examples of acceptable circumstances for Contractors and those with short work history:

  • 6 months contract or a rolling 3-month contract renewed at least once
  • Umbrella companies acceptable
  • Contracting less than 12 months – Weekly contract rate x 46 (minus expenses)
  • Only 1-year track record of employment in the same line of work required

Acceptable Properties; usually unacceptable for mortgages:

  • Ex Local Authority flats/maisonettes
  • Flats above commercial premises
  • Flats above take-away, restaurants, pubs
  • High rise flats and deck access

For those with large families:

  • Up to 4 applicants accepted with all incomes considered
  • Second charge applicants do not have to be on first mortgage
  • Borrowing may run into retirement
  • Up to age 85 at end of term
  • Current income used if retirement is more than 10 years away

For cases where Interest Only is preferred:

  • Up to 60% of property value can be used
  • An investment vehicle or downsizing may be used as an exit route
  • An Impaired Credit History is acceptable
  • Current Debt Management Plans may be considered
  • Up to 3 CCJ’s and 2 missed mortgage payments are allowed, up to 70% of the property value
  • Up to 3 missed unsecured payments in last 6 months are allowed
  • Telecoms missed payments ignored

Buy to Let

  • Owned personally, by a trading company or an SPV
  • Portfolios of up to 15 properties
  • Older or retired landlords – interest only up to 75% of property value and up to age 95 at end of term
  • Expats – No minimum income required
  • Impaired credit plans available
  • HMO’s up to 8 bedrooms and multi-unit blocks up to 5 units

Many independent lenders have numerous individual underwriting niches which on their own are valuable and can fill the gaps on tick-box circumstances.

Let us say “Yes, we can help” – Even more reasons for a secured loan

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