A New Lender

A New Lender

A New Lender:

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A new lender has arrived, they are offering lower interest rates and are accepting cases that have been declined elsewhere.
The lender is a very worthy contender to the regular High Street names and has formally launched into the second charge loans sector. They have already had a period of market-testing its new products before launch to a wider market.

Here’s why you should consider them:
• Lower interest rates for many customers with credit issues
• No credit score – what you see is what you get
• Sensible affordability calculator
• Underwritten by humans, not a computer

The combination of these factors has already resulted in them seeing a substantial amount of business in England and Wales. They have cleverly identified niches in the market which are underserved by the regular lenders and you can get better rates and a higher chance of acceptance without being tripped up by your credit score. It’s good old-fashioned, common sense, manual underwriting.

Let us say “Yes, we can help” – A New Lender

Office Telephone: 01379 644061

Office Mobile:  Call/SMS/Text/Whatsapp/Viber  07951 238527


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